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Music Videos

From vision to reality.

Let's brainstorm a great idea and produce a wonderful visual to highlight your music.

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Our Services

Promotional Videos

Get your message out there!

Promotional or commercial videos to help you tell your story and reach out to the world.

Live Broadcast

Broadcasting a lecture, a music concert or even a yearly gala online with the best quality and the optimal professional appearance.

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TLV Partners

Venture Capital Firm

"Mira produced and directed a promotional video for one of the young startups we invested in. The video was very creative and the social engagement shot through the roof."

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Boxing for Parkinson's patients

"We needed a good tool to spread the word about our unique training method for Parkinson's patients. Mira produced a great promotional video where we told our story, and some patients shared the benefits of the training."

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Achinoam Nini (Noa)

International Singer & Songwriter

"I have known Mira Awad for more than 20 years and I a never cease to be amazed by her prodigious talent and diversity. We have worked together extensively as musicians, but working with her as a video producer/creator is a relatively new experience and an absolute revelation. Mira has a rare combination of talent, brains, imagination, and tenacity, she is knowledgeable, charismatic, and professional with the highest level of integrity and responsibility. It is so uncommon to encounter an individual so skilled in so many fields: as a director, writer, editor and producer, she displays remarkable propensity, command and fabulously good taste. Highly  recommended!"

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Patrick Schuster

​A&R at Naive Records

"Mira Awad produced and directed a trilogy of videoclips for one of our international artists. All the videos are great & fit together really well. They're different but with a great unity, really powerful."


Amiram Eini

Singer & Songwriter

"I've worked with Mira for many years, on multiple projects, and can say it's always a pleasure. Every artistic endeavor is always creative and flows through her naturally. She thinks outside the box and is a true pro when and where it counts."

What our clients say


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Audio Podcasts

The world is listening!

We accompany you from perfecting your content to enhancing it with custom music, all the way to a finished product.

Video Blogs

There is an overwhelming amount of content out there. Let us help you make your Videoblog stand out.

Music Production

A one-stop solution for music: Starting with coaching you through your songwriting process if needed, writing songs for you or with you, arrangements and musical production, ending with mixing and mastering.

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